A SPECIAL OFFER for Optica Cluster Members, 25% off for Industry Summit at Optimax

  • April 02, 2024
  • April 03, 2024

Leverage your cluster connections and find your global partners at Optica & Optimax Industry Summit on Freeform Optics at a 25% off

On April 2 – 3, 2024 Optica and Optimax (Ontario, NY, USA) are teaming up to host an Industry Summit focused on the progressive field of freeform optics.

What is going to happen? This industry-centric event will bring together professionals across the entire global supply chain of freeform optics, from design to applications, providing a platform to establish new partnerships and broaden your business scope.

Freeform optics is the avant-garde of optical innovation, offering nearly limitless potential in shaping light. Their non-standard shapes cater to most advanced applications, whether in aerospace, healthcare, automotive lighting, laser machining, or virtual reality via optimizing size and weight for more compact, efficient technologies. These advancements do come with challenges—complex design approaches, intricate manufacturing techniques, and the need for advanced testing and metrology methods. Join the industry leaders to tackle these challenges together.

Why shall you be there? The summit is designed to facilitate direct interactions, enabling you to network and build connections with key stakeholders throughout the international supply chain.

Registration and additional details follow here.

Affiliates of partner Photonic Industry Associations are eligible for a 25% discount on the registration fees*, offering a significant opportunity to be part of this influential event and engage with industry leaders. Leverage your cluster connections and join a global photonics network.

To avail of this offer, please use the discount code 24Optimax_MemberCluster.

We hope you consider joining us for this event!

Optica Industry Team

* Please note that for affiliates who also hold Optica Industry Membership, registration will be processed exclusively at the Optica member's rate. The discounts offered to affiliates and Optica members are not cumulative.

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