2023-2024 Joint Seminar University of Rochester and Optica Speaker Series: Jue Wang, Corning Advanced Optics

  • March 04, 2024
  • 4:30 PM
  • University of Rochester/Institute of Optics, 480 Intercampus Drive


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Laser-induced damage of dielectric-enhanced mirrors at 1064 nm

SPECIAL EVENT - This talk will be on MONDAY 3/4 at 4:30 pm at the Institute of Optics!

Jue Wang PhD, SPIE Fellow with Corning Advanced Optics - Corning Research and Development Corporation


Diamond-turned aluminum alloy is extensively used in infrared (IR) optical systems. Dielectric-enhanced mirrors improve laser damage resistance. We will discuss laser-induced damage of the dielectric-enhanced mirrors at 1064 nm and 20 ns. We will share how we (i) analyze the damage sites using a combination of optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning electron-microscopy, and laser scanning confocal microscopy; (ii) explain laser-induced damage morphology by using 3D finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation; and (iii) predict optical performance based on coating modeling. Finally, we will explore surface mitigation techniques that lead to high laser durability.

About the speaker

Dr. Jue Wang is a senior development associate at Corning Advanced Optics and an SPIE fellow endorsed in 2023. Interested in light-matter interactions, Jue pursues fundamental understanding, while cherishing industry technical innovation for Laser Optics, Precision Optics, and A&D optics. Before joining Corning, he was a Professor of Physics at Tongji University. He was German Volkswagen and DAAD research fellows at Wuerzburg University. He received his BS and Ph.D. in physics and optics from Fudan University and SITP, CAS.

Parking and location

The talk will be held in the Room 101 of Goergen Hall (Institute of Optics, 480 Intercampus Drive).  Parking is available in the lot across the street in Intercampus Drive Lot, and is free for talk attendees (no pass needed).

Post-Talk dinner 

There will be a dinner after the talk at 5:45 pm in the Atrium of Goergen Hall for Optica members who register for the event. If you would like to attend the dinner, please contact our chairs to make a reservation: council@opticarochester.org 

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