Lasers in Display, Why They Matter, and Other Bedtime Stories.....

  • March 17, 2015
  • 7:00 PM
  • UR / LLE East Lobby

Speaker: Barry Silverstein, IMAX


Lasers were born in 1960.  Over 50 years later the vision of lasers in display is finally becoming a reality.  Follow the winding yellow brick road of the technical and business developments that have led to this point.  From helpless Tiny Pico projectors to scary Giant IMAX screens, lasers are creating a new story.  What will be the happy ending for the markets, technologies and more?




Barry Silverstein is the Senior Director of Hardware R&D at IMAX Corporation.  He is currently supervising a team in Rochester and Mississauga Canada dedicated to delivering the world’s best Laser Theatrical Experience.  Barry has been developing Laser Projection Engines for IMAX for 2 years, continuing work in this area that was started and licensed from Kodak.  Barry’s Kodak team developed the first Cinema quality Laser projector and substantial IP portfolio in 2010.  He has been working at Kodak in projection technologies since 1999.  Barry started at Kodak in 1984 engineering in the areas of laser printer engines, packaging micro-optics, developing space based optical systems and optical recording systems since 1984.   Barry holds 58 US patents, numerous achievement awards from Kodak and is a graduate of the University of Rochester in Optics.

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