Sydor Optics Open House

  • October 14, 2014
  • 5:45 PM
  • 31 Jetview Dr, Rochester, NY 14624


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Sydor Optics Open House

Talk by Mike Naselaris 



The double-side grinding and polish process was developed in the early 1930’s for the production of quartz crystals for frequency controllers. The process has developed significantly since then with increases in machine size, addition of computer controlled processes and many options which make the process repeatable. The advancements in technology have also advanced flat optics which now require exceptional transmitted wavefront, TTV and surface roughness. The ideal optical products to be manufactured on double-sided equipment are: filters, mirrors, plate beamsplitters, wafers and windows. The process can handle parts from just a few mm in diameter to nearly 2 meters in size with thickness capabilities going down to 0.025mm. The shape, material and aspect ratio are the key indicators of ability to use the double-sided processing method. Sydor Optics has the largest capacity to manufacture parallel optics for applications in the UV, visible and IR spectrums using double-sided equipment in the US. Sydor is also the largest owner of PR Hoffman machines in the world.


Michael has been with Sydor Optics as the General Manager since 1997. Sydor Optics manufacturers flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged optics with most of the 20,000 optics produced each month on double-sided grinding and polishing equipment. Michael has worked in manufacturing management since 1991 beginning with high volume production lapping and polishing of metal, plastic, and ceramic parts for the automotive and pump industries. Before this he had a few years of retail banking experience preceded by a few years of restaurant management experience.  Mike gives talks to elementary & high school science classes about careers in optics. He is also co-chair of the 2015 SPIE Optifab conference and exhibition to be held in October 2015 here in Rochester. Michael holds a BA degree in Psychology from Indiana University.

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